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When you delete files from your computer, you don't always delete them completely. By sending a file to the trash, the computer won't necessarily delete it in that moment; instead, the computer thinks of the space this file occupied as free to overwrite.

If you don't overwrite the space, deleted files can be recovered with certain programs. Zer0 is designed to remove files permanently with a high level of security. This way, you can make sure that no one can restore the deleted file, not even with a special program.

With Zer0, you can delete files and prevent file recovery by a third party. So far, no one has ever reported a method for retrieving a file deleted by Zer0.

Everyone has reasons for wanting to delete a file permanently and preventing others from recovering it. Now, with Zer0, you can make sure this doesn't happen. Just select the files you want to delete, and they will be erased forever in just a couple of seconds.